Starting January 2021, St. Nick Delivers! is proud to announce they will be extending their Giving Project beyond the winter holiday season to support those organizations fighting poverty and homelessness in Frederick County, Maryland in all seasons.

Scroll down to click on the showcased seasonal projects to begin ornament selection or click HERE  to go to our current seasonal project. 


As part of our Giving Project’s transition to an online platform, St. Nick Delivers! will now provide donors with virtual Giving Tree ornament signups. To make the selection process easier, we have separated our ornament signups by charitable organization. 


Each seasonal giving project includes the non-profit organization’s name, logo, mission, their website link (if available) for more details about their good works, as well as their sponsoring age dynamics. 


Our virtual ornaments include items that have been verified as current critical needs for those they serve. With a variety of organizations to choose from, our site offers the freedom to select from a range of recipient ages (infants to seniors) as well as a multitude of needs:
  -  Clothing
  -  Toys

  -  Gift Card Donations
  -  Food and Paper Products
  -  Personal Hygiene Products and Cleaning Supplies
  -  Monetary Donations 


Just like our physical Giving Trees, the ornament choice is yours as to how you or your family would like to support these front-line charitable organizations fighting poverty and homelessness in Frederick County, Maryland. 


Click on the seasonal projects showcased below to begin ornament selection. 


Many of our charitable partners offer a variety of options for receiving donations during the COVID-19 pandemic. These options include but are not limited to: 
  -  Online monetary donation links
  -  Mailing address for Check and/or Gift Card Donations
  -  Designated Collection Site dates/times for donation drop offs
  - Wish Lists with shipping address for receiving online donation orders 


Each partner’s description will include their specified options for accepting donations. 


St. Nick Delivers! will be hosting a 1-day outdoor socially distanced drive-up collection day on Saturday December 5, 2020 from 9:00am to 1:00pm in the Holy Family Catholic Community Church parking lot at 7321 Burkittsville Road, Middletown, Maryland 21769. For more details regarding this outdoor collection select 'Collection Day' in the page header or click here

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